Pet loss and bereavement

The human animal bond is one of most special relationships we can experience.  When an animal we have loved dies, the pain and sorrow is deep and seemingly insurmountable. The loss of a pet is often felt as deeply and painfully as the passing of a human family member or close friend.

For many children this will be their first experience with death. Confusion, fear and even guilt can accompany feelings of grief and sadness, some  expressing anger toward friends who still have their pets. Children may worry that their classmates and friends will make fun of them for feeling so sad at the loss of their pet. Often children talk to their pet about their problems and confide in them. This can leave a traumatic void in their lives.

You may find some of our human friends don’t understand how you can feel as deeply for an animal as for a human, so their support for our grief will never be complete. Art therapy stimulates the expression of both the conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings, allowing unmet bereavement feelings to come to the surface.

Upcoming Groups

Pet loss memorial

A pet loss memorial will be taking place in Bandon, West Cork. The date is to be confirmed. Please leave your expression of interest and details will be forwarded to you.